Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative

When kids in BC are born with a condition such as cerebral palsy or are recovering from a stroke or traumatic accident, they count on the specialized care at Sunny Hill Health Centre. Located in East Vancouver, Sunny Hill is the only children’s rehabilitation facility of its kind in the province—providing assessments, diagnoses, therapy and above all, hope to thousands of kids and families from across the province.

The Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative aims to raise $12 million to help create and enhance a state-of-the-art facility right on the BC Children’s Hospital campus for its unique patient populations. Costs associated with basic construction and relocation are funded—but with your help, we can elevate the care these kids receive with highly innovative technology, advanced purpose-built spaces, and specialized equipment and programs.

The Sunny Hill relocation to the Oak Street campus will be completed in May 2020. Once open, BC Children’s Hospital will become one of the few pediatric sites in North America with an acute care facility, research institute, mental health facility and rehabilitation centre on the same campus. This will help usher in a new era of pediatric health care, where the best and the brightest are able to seamlessly work together to improve treatments, outcomes and ultimately, better the lives of countless kids and families.

For more information, please email or call 604.875.2444.

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