Wills and Bequests

A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your Will. It is an easy and effective way to support pediatric health for our future generations. You can designate a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. Whatever form your gift takes, the result is the same - healthier children.

How to Leave a Bequest

To include a bequest to BC Children's Hospital Foundation in your Will, you should consult with a lawyer or notary experienced in estate planning. They can help you prepare a new Will or add a codicil to your existing one.

Types of Bequests

  • Specific Bequest: You designate a specific dollar amount or piece of property, such as real estate, stocks, bonds or works of art.
  • Residual Bequest: You donate all or a portion of your estate to the beneficiary after all your debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid.
  • Contingent Bequest: Your gift takes effect only if the primary intention cannot be met (e.g. if the primary beneficiary does not survive the donor).

We Can Help

Please contact us to discuss charitable bequest options, suggested Will clauses, recognition, our legal name or to inform us that you have left us a bequest in your Will.

Your support is important, and we're happy to help in any way we can.


Note: The information on this page can help facilitate discussions between you and your advisor. It is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult a qualified professional.