Foundations and Service Club


Foundations are not-for-profit entities that have been established to provide support to charities through grants. They can take one of several forms - private (or family-based), corporate-sponsored, or community-based. Over the years, foundations have helped BC Children's Hospital shape and advance the quality of child health care by investing in world-class pediatric patient care, research, education, community outreach and capital projects.

Past gifts from foundations have made a considerable difference in the lives of our young patients, from establishing state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for genetic research to making a significant contribution toward building a much-needed pediatric mental health facility.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation works with many foundations to match donor interests with hospital priorities. From proposals and site visits to progress reports and ongoing stewardship, we are committed to providing a positive experience for our foundation donors. For more information on how you can provide grant support, please contact Jas Jhooty at 604-875-2345 x 5876 or

Service Clubs

Service clubs throughout the province demonstrate their community commitment by supporting BC Children's Hospital through various fundraising initiatives including events and member support. Thanks to the continued support from longstanding groups such as the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Kiwanis Clubs of BC, Order of the Eastern Star and more, service clubs are making a real difference in the lives of BC's kids.

To find out how your service club can get involved, please contact Rita Thodos at 604-875-2543 or