Port Alberni

BC Children's Hospital Events in Port Alberni

Jeans Day™ 
Organizations throughout Port Alberni #Jeanup to team build, have fun, and support BC's kids. Contact Danielle Fullwood to learn about how to get your family or organization involved.

Vancouver Island Family Fun Day

Thank you for joining us as we celebrated our vibrant and passionate Vancouver Island community of supporters and we're looking forward to seeing you again at our next event. Contact Danielle Fullwood at dfullwood@bcchf.ca or 250-382-1529 if you would like to receive an invitation to the event.

Your Community's Kids

Every year there are approximately 2,700 children from Vancouver Island that visit BC Children's Hospital. Of those 2,700 children, approximately 143 live in Port Alberni and surrounding areas.

Start Your Own FUNdraiser!

Community-run events make up a large portion of the funds that support BC Children's Hospital urgent needs every year. These events take place in Sooke every day, are simple to organize, are a great way to meet people in your community, and are tons of fun. Fill out an application here, or contact Danielle Fullwood at dfullwood@bcchf.ca or 250-382-1529 to learn more.

Become a Part of Our Volunteer Team

To join the Port Alberni Community for Kids Committee or volunteer at BC Children's Hospital events please email Danielle Fullwood at dfullwood@bcchf.ca or call her at 250-382-1529.

Your Gift Can Make a Difference

Learn about the many ways of donating here or contact our Victoria office at 250-380-1527 to speak with someone or to book a meeting. Your generosity is what makes a real impact in our community and in the lives of kids across BC.

Port Alberni Committee

Barbara-Anne Kalugin, Co-Chair
Steve Kalugin, Co-Chair